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Platform Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Platform Engineer

+/- 3 GMT
Mid - Senior
We're looking for our first Platform Engineer to build a world-class developer experience at Lightdash and take ownership of our infrastructure. Your responsibilities will include the security and performance of our SaaS infrastructure in Google Cloud Platform as well as maintaining our developer tooling to keep our product teams moving at lightning speed.

Some things we're looking for:

You care deeply about developer productivity. We deploy to production 5-10 times per day and we’re proud to focus on developer velocity and time-to-production as core health metrics for the business. We’re looking for Platform Engineers that can look beyond the tooling to tackle real pain points for our developers and users.
You have experience working with Google Cloud Platform and kubernetes for a full-stack SaaS application.
You’re a champion of DevOps and GitOps culture using CI/CD and automation to improve security and productivity.
You understand best practice platform security and have excellent judgement when it comes to balancing developer experience with access controls. You have a deep knowledge of secure architectures for cloud-native SaaS applications. Previous experience with SOC2 auditing is a bonus.
You're a fantastic communicator, especially in a remote team and are happy to continuously challenge existing ideas
You have experience or an interest in open-source projects
You're thoughtful about creating and maintaining a world-class engineering culture

What the job involves:

Taking ownership of our Google Cloud Platform infrastructure including kubernetes, postgres, storage, networking, and access controls.
Maintaining and improving our developer velocity using gitops to make deploying to production simple and secure using terraform, GitHub Actions, cdktf, and helm.
Improving observability with Grafana and open telemetry to enable us to debug and respond to issues in production.
Championing and implementing platform security best practices and contributing to our security and engineeing culture.
Working in a small high performing team with a lot of collaboration and getting feedback directly from our users.
From time to time, we'll expect you to produce content or present to our community. We're big believers in engaging with our community as much as possible.
Interacting with our users in the community (through Slack, Twitter or Github) and reviewing their issues and using the feedback to prioritise our work
Having an ownership mindset: being comfortable with both responsibility and accountability
Being comfortable working in a new, small team that is rapidly growing – you’ll need to be comfortable when faced with a lot of ambiguity.
You feel confident making trade-off decisions between moving quickly and launching features versus optimizing for engineering excellence. You’re happy putting something out when it’s “80% done.”
Research has shown that women are less likely than men to apply for a role if they don’t have experience in 100% of the requirements outlined in a job description. Please know that even if you don’t have experience in all the areas above, but think you could do a great job and are excited about shaping company culture, finding great people and building great teams, we’d love to hear from you!

How we work at Lightdash

We build in public, by default. We’re an open source product, so having shared context is important so that people can contribute effectively to Lightdash. As a team, we also think that we make the best decisions when everyone has a lot of the same information. We don't oversell and under-deliver: we want the experience of using Lightdash to be as awesome as the experience we're selling.
We challenge problems, not people. We ask ourselves “why is this broken?” not “who is breaking this?”
We’re highly collaborative. We’re a group of people that are happy working independently, but love being part of a team. We not only work on problems as a team, but we also listen to the feedback from our community and our users. We invest in tools and processes that allow us to do this, even while fully remote.
We bias towards impact. We’d rather build something to 80% and get it in front of users so we can iterate on fast feedback than build something to 100% just to find out it’s not the right thing. We spend a lot of time thinking about how our work solves real user problems. We work on the highest impact problems even if they’re something a bit “out of your remit”.

Our tech stack:

While we don't expect you to have used all the components of our stack, it'd be great to know which parts of it you're familiar with:
Cloud providers: Google Cloud Platform, render.com, netlify
Infrastructure as code: terraform, cdktf, helm, kubernetes, docker
Monitoring and logging: Grafana, Loki, prometheus, and opentelemetry, Sentry.
Application stack: Typescript, React, Node, SQL

Interview process:

Our interview process shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours of your time in total. Normally, the process will look something like this:
a short introductory chat to see if we think we’re the right fit
a short chat with our CTO and co-founder Oliver to hear more about your technical background and go through platforms you’ve worked on previously
a one hour technical interview (no trick questions!) that you’ll do with one of our engineers
a culture fit interview to see if your values and ways of working mesh well with ours
a chat with Hamzah, our CEO, for any outstanding questions you or we might have
💜 We believe that to build a product that works for a diverse group of people, we need a diverse team. So, we strongly encourage candidates of all different perspectives, experiences, backgrounds and identities to apply. We’re committed to hiring people regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability. And once you join us, we’re committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do the best work of your career.
(Note to recruitment agencies: we’ll only work with recruiters who come via a warm recommendation or we already have a relationship with. Please do not approach us directly!)

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