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Business Development Manager - APAC



Sales & Business Development
Singapore · Remote
Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023


Fraud & AML transaction monitoring for fintechs

Business Development Manager - APAC

$70K - $90K / 0.20% - 0.40%
SG / Remote (SG)
Job Type
1+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Baran Özkan
Baran Özkan

About the role

Hey there,

This is Baran, CEO of Flagright. This job ad will read a little different compared to other sales positions you would see online.

This full cycle BDM role reports to me directly. We'll be working long hours together. Don't apply if you are looking for work, life balance. This is a young startup, and we need to work much harder to stay alive and get ahead of larger companies. We're looking for someone ready to immerse themselves head-first into sales acquisition channels, breaking new accounts wide open, closing those crucial deals, and fostering indispensable relationships with key contacts in our target segments.

You'll be mapping out strategies to generate demand, conducting diligent market research to sniff out potential customers and leads, and learning the ins and outs of their approaches to AML compliance & fraud. You'll be responsible for transforming freshly-discovered leads into qualified opportunities and ultimately, successful Flagright acquisitions.

You'll be working remotely in Singapore as we are building our presence and office here. When you're remote, you gotta be self-firing, ready to operate independently with a minimal need for supervision. We’ve got career growth opportunities that are as exciting as they are demanding, perfect for individuals with a fire in their belly, looking to leap into their next big role with an early-stage startup like ours.

We need someone aggressive and hungry. Someone ready to go. You don't get fazed because 90 people ghosted you or said no to you. You pick up the phone with the same energy for the 91st until you get to the yes.

We are allergic to political correctness. What we care about is what you bring to work, and why you bring it, what drives you. We don't care about your gender, ethnicity, religion or any other personal choices you make. Just bring your best self to work and work like hell. We promise you a lot of learning at a very fast pace.

Other requirements (Don't apply if you don't meet this criteria): At least 3 years of full time work experience total. Based in Singapore with authorization to work. At least a year embedded in a fast-growth sales team (startup experience is a big plus), and a track record of remote work in sales. We’re looking for comfort and creativity in cold calling and outreach, and an ability to maintain the company's reputation while doing so. Independent, resilient, with a persistent outbound approach, you drive engagement and keep your demeanor positively charged.

Before you dash off that application, hold up. Flagright isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t up for pushing yourself to grow at a rapid pace, you'll get burned out. We set the performance bar sky-high and evaluate honestly and fairly, focusing on improvement over niceties. As you would agree, sales is one of the easiest domains to evaluate performance. We will look at your numbers first and cultural fit.

If you’re still reading and nodding along, you might just be who we’re looking for. Drop us a 60-second video at jobs[at]flagright.com, no scripts, no corporate jargon. Tell us why you’re the perfect fit for Flagright and how you’re going to crush it as our Full Cycle Business Development Manager role.

The listed comp is base for uncapped commission for each deal and per quarter based on quota. Equity from day 1.

Let's go 👊🏼

About Flagright

Flagright helps businesses stop financial crime with an all-in-one platform for AML compliance & fraud use cases. Our developer-friendly API enables customers to set up their infrastructure in just 4 days. We are a Y Combinator company based in Berlin, Germany, serving customers from 6 continents.

Financial institutions face significant financial crime risks, including money laundering and fraud. These risks can not only result in financial losses and reputational damage for the businesses, but also harm consumers and society as a whole. Consumers may lose their savings if their accounts are used for money laundering purposes, and society may suffer from the negative impacts of terrorist financing and other illegal activities. We believe in enabling businesses with a fast, easy, and affordable security infrastructure.